Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cheap and Easy Halloween Wound Tutorial

Hey guys! Here is a tutorial on how to make a super quick wound just in time for Halloween. It should take about 30ish minutes depending on how picky you are while painting. All of this makeup is just for fun and is easy. You can apply this method and make wounds for zombies, werewolves, and any other beasts.

All of these materials can be purchased online, at a supermarket like Walmart in the seasonal section, or at a Halloween store.
  • Liquid Latex
  • Tissue Paper
  • Skin toned liquid foundation and matching powder
  • Red, brown, and black face paint ( cream and water based)
    • If you don’t have water based paint, the cream paints will work just fine
  • Fake blood
  • Stipple sponge
  • Scissors
Step 1:
Using either a palette knife or brush apply a later of latex on your clean and dry forearm. Apply a sheet of tissue paper to the latex while it is still wet- the latex will act as a sort of glue. Tear or cut the excess paper and then add another layer of liquid latex. More paper. More latex. Building up these layers makes the prosthetic thicker and easier to work with. The more layers that you have, the stronger it will be. In the video I did three layers, but more or less is fine. Always finish with a coat of latex. To help make the application seem seamless with your skin, apply a thin layer of latex to the surrounding areas – no paper this time. Don’t worry if certain areas aren’t as smooth as others, you can hide a lot with paint later.
Step 2:
Allow the latex to dry completely, I used a hair dryer to speed up the process. Then apply liquid foundation that matches your skin tone to the latex application and surrounding areas. Let dry and then seal with matching powder. Translucent powder will also work.
Step 3:
Using the scissors, carefully cut long slits into the latex making sure not to cut yourself.  Do not cut all the way up, leave a small margin so that the application will remain attached to your forearm. It is easier to cut the latex initially if you pinch and slightly pull the latex away from the skin. This step may be a little time consuming, but take care not to pull the whole application off of your skin or cut yourself. Pull the slits open to reveal your skin below.
Step 4:
Using the water based paint (cream will also work), paint the inside of the cuts red. Add a small amount of black paint to create depth and shadows, as well as to tone down the super bright red. Water based paint works especially well here because if you applied too much paint, you can blend it out using water. Don’t forget to paint the underneath portion of the latex to emulate skin flaps. While painting I noticed that my cuts were a little too skinny for my liking, so I used the scissors to trim extra latex away and kept painting.
Step 5:
Using the stipple sponge and cream paints, apply varying amounts of red, black, and brown to the wound and the surrounding area. The stipple sponge applies paint in a randomized fashion, and it is this random fashion that helps to emulate skin and bruising. It helps to hide seam lines and the overall appearance of latex. You can apply more focused amounts of paint to simulate blood pooling beneath the skin.
Step 6:
Use a q-tip to add blood to the inside of the cuts. If the you want to add more quickly, slowly add a small amount to the inside of the slits. Use caution because fake blood is exceptionally messy and it does stain. If you want to make it look like blood is dripping down your arm: tilt your elbow up, fingers tips down and allow the excess blood to drip down and off of your arm onto a paper towel or into a trash can. Let it dry and only add more if you desire a ‘wet’ look.
Step 7:
Apply the final touches by working with the paint, blood, and latex until you get your desired look. If you accidentally add too much blood or color, just wipe it off carefully and keep going.

Hopefully you’ll be able to use this to make a super fun Halloween costume!
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