Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quick Creepy Smile Halloween Makeup Tutorial!

I am so excited to share with you all my very first makeup tutorial! It is a simple, but very creepy makeup that can be done in about 30 mins including drying time. Tell me your thoughts with a comment below! More is definitely on the way! :)

For this makeup:
  • Liquid latex – any brand will do
  • Black face paint – water or alcohol based works better, but you can use cream in a pinch
  • Fake black blood- you can also use red if you want a slightly different look
  • Tissue paper – this is used in combination with the latex to add structural support
  • Scissors
  • Liquid makeup foundation – should match your skin tone well
  • Powder – can be translucent or your skin tone
Step 1:
Use the black face paint to draw a smile shape. It helps to draw a line from the center of your lips outward toward your cheekbone. This center line will help you to get decent proportions, but a perfect smile shape is not necessary. Painting beforehand just helps to ensure that the latex underneath is well coated with black paint. Doing this now saves you time later.
Step 2:
Using either a palette knife or brush apply a later of latex in the black area. Apply a sheet of tissue paper to the latex while it is still wet- the latex will act as a sort of glue. Shape the paper to the shape of the smile and then add another layer of liquid latex. More paper. More latex. Building up these layers makes the prosthetic thicker and easier to work with. The more layers that you have, the stronger it will be. In the video I did two layers, but more is fine. Always finish with a coat of latex. To help make the application seem seamless with your skin, apply a layer of latex around the outside area of the smile- no paper this time.
Step 3:
Allow the latex to dry completely. Then apply liquid foundation that matches your skin tone to the latex application and surrounding facial areas. Let dry and then seal with powder. Repeat once.
Step 4:
Using the scissors, carefully cut small slits into the latex making sure not to cut yourself. Do not cut horizontally, make only vertical slits. Do not cut all the way up, leave a small margin so that the application will remain attached to your face. It is easier to cut the latex on the cheek if you pinch and slightly pull the latex away from the skin. This step may be a little time consuming, but take care not to pull the whole application off of your skin or cut yourself.
Step 5:
Using the black face paint, touch up the smile underneath the latex and also color any latex that is not black underneath- leave the top of the latex flesh tone. On this step you can add additional details with the black paint like shadows and such.
Step 6:
Using a Q-tip apply fake blood to the underneath portion of the latex. The more blood that you add, the more wet and gross it will look. Apply a small amount to the surrounding areas to increase the creepiness and to also hide seam lines better.
Step 7:
Cosmetic contacts are a plus, but not necessary. Do final touch ups with the paint and blood.


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